Dana’s Statement On Ballotbox.ie

Ireland needs a President it can trust more than ever now. We are faced with constitutional crisis and fiscal crisis. Under my Presidency there will be no loss of sovereignty. Ireland’s Constitution and the right of self-determination is safe in my hands.

The people of Ireland have the right to the ownership of Ireland and the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be Sovereign and indefeasible, otherwise our nations struggle for independence was in vain .

There will be no foreign landlords, especially bondholders and banks, I would prefer to burn the bondholders than the families of Ireland  We need an Independent President with no political ties or boardroom or business favours to repay, a President who cannot be bought who listens to the people and represents everyone and can rebuild trust  between the people and the institutions that have failed them. I will be that President .  I have lived in both the North and South and  will continue the peace process, like outgoing President McAleese.

My presidency will seek to bring home people’s children who have been forced to emigrate. I feel the pain brought by emigration , my eldest daughter , her husband and my new grandchild recently had to leave our country only a month ago to seek employement , as did my younger son last year. I have always been an Ambassador .

If elected President I will bring the experience and recognition of representing Ireland as a businesswoman and entertainer for the past forty years; As MEP in the European Parliament  engaging with heads of Governments, heads of States and with Presidents; Associating with international leaders of Faiths and with leaders of business. I will bring this experience to the role of Presidency.

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