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The President will be the voice and the face of Ireland, representing not just who we are, but more importantly our ambition for what we want Ireland to become – the Diaspora is bound to this. The Global Irish Forum was held here in Dublin a mere two weeks ago attesting to our long and chequered history of emigration. Moreover it acknowledged the contribution given by our Irish emigrants both culturally and economically, building the foreign cities of London, Vancouver and Sydney. With Irish nationals emigrating once more in tandem with our economic downturn our global Irish presence and subsequent network becomes greater and more active.

If elected President, I want to make emigrant issues a key priority. There are thousands who have left not of their own accord, if elected I will do everything in my power to make sure that we shine the light on them. I believe the next President of Ireland should play a huge part in setting the tone and defining the key issues that will help to transform Ireland. Unemployment and emigration are the key issues facing our country once more, this is why I want to put enterprise at the heart of the next Presidency because local jobs are the glue that hold our communities together. As our economy has suffered, so too have our communities.

President Mary McAleese has described Irish emigrants as ‘unofficial ambassadors’ for the country, I as President would return this and be an ambassador for all the people of Ireland – at home and away. I believe that members of the Diaspora who are less than five years or so away should have a vote in presidential elections.

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